Saturday, 24 March 2012

Its been a while....

Ever since Google and their bots banned my AdSense account, I've had less enthusiasm to write about anything since I wouldn't be making any money out of it. But I thought an update for people that actually read if there are any may help.

I've been working on starting up a business to provide IT Support and solutions. Its called IT Aftercare. Hit the link and see how the site is. Hope its easy on the eyes, if its not you need to pay a visit to specsavers. But seriously what does everyone think, good bad or ugly? Any feedback is good feedback as sometimes you need that fresh perspective.

Well here's hoping this proves to be a successful venture. Still a lot more work to do but as usual I will try to keep you updated....that is if Google the (insert expletive here) don't ban my blog account.


  1. Using obscene words in your blog is not very professional, especially if you have younger viewers.

    Other then that, the site is nicely done, few things I've noticed:
    - Your contact page contains pricing in dollars and Im not sure what Im signing up for. In any case the sign up link doesnt work.

    - Your logo is well done, but the graphics is really low quality, and the text looks distorted (the first few letters look more squashed than the last few)

    - Page load time may be affected by the total size of your pages. Your homepage (including the Javascripts/images/css/fonts/html) is 594.3KB =~ roughly 600KB, not very mobile friendly or for those with a slow internet connection.

    - The site isnt SEO optimised. You've got the basics covered, but you can do a lot more.

  2. Pricing page isn't complete yet.
    Logo is another department....Arfan. I'll pass on the feedback.
    Not sure where the main size is from but page is as minimal as possible. No java scripts but page is CSS but even then css is not heavy. Only thing i can think of is images. But even then its not a biggy as everyones connections are quite decent and my target market should all have broadband anyway.

    SEO is a slow but sure progress. So far I've got google to stop auto correcting our spelling. I need to create backlinks and so on. It all takes time. I'm waiting to get a phone number before I do a lot of SEO.

    And last but not least you suck Husman.